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  • 2020 HealthFlex Information (Annual Election Information, costs, documents)
  • 2020 Clergy Pension Information
  • Local Church Trustees News

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Local Church Finance News

2020 Charge Conference forms: Have you noticed additional questions on your church's 2019 Charge Conference forms related to Finance and Stewardship? Please take a minute to answer those questions. Your answers will help your Conference Administrative Services Team better understand and equip you to carry out your ministry in your congregation and community.

Online Our Mission Covenant Statements: Did you know you can access your church's Conference Giving Statement online here: Church Giving Statement. Quickly see and reconcile your church's participation if Our Mission Covenant giving, special Sunday giving, and more.

Health Benefits & Pension News
Annual Election for 2020 insurance plans is quickly approaching. (Reminder: the AE window is October 30 - November 14, 2019). If you not yet registered with Wespath/WebMD please do so now at Wespath/WebMD. Visit the Wespath/WebMD site to register your account, consult with ALEX to help you choose and plan, and make your insurance selections during AE.

HealthFlex Documents: If you're looking for additional documents (including the ones we shared during the recent AE workshops) you can find those at: Kentucky Conference and HealthFlex. A video of the Crestwood AE workshop is also available on the site.

2020 Health Insurance and Pension Rates: If you're looking for health insurance premiums, local church costs, pension rates and calculation examples, you can find that information and documents here: Kentucky Conference and HealthFlex and 2020 Pension Information.

Remember: the HealthFlex Exchange is for persons on the Active Conference Health Plan. Retirees on Via Benefits and other individuals will not be a part of HealthFlex.

Local Church Trustees News
Minimum Insurance Requirements: You may have noticed the following question on the Trustees Report/Parsonage Survey Charge Conference form: Is your church adequately insured? To help you answer this question, the General Church Council on Finance and the Conference Board of Trustees provides the following information: Minimum Insurance.


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